Dr. William S. Spears

CEO – Founder, Cenergistic

As an entrepreneur, I know the power of goal-setting and absolute necessity of discipline. I’ve long admired Dr. Richard Redd’s steadfast commitment to personal improvement, and helping others achieve their own dreams.

Michael Abel

Owner, Operator, Rogue Precision Gunworks

After several years of competitive shooting alongside Rick, one word comes to mind—“Synergy.” When an unwavering positive attitude, implementation of the proper tools, and the ideal process come together, success is imminent!

David I. Henslee, PT, NBC-HWC

Physical Therapist and Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Henslee Health and Wellness

In All-In or Nothing Dr. Redd leads us on the path to personal greatness, weaving insight, intellect, and spirituality into each step. A must-read for the success-minded sojourner.

Barbara Pace

Mother of nine, business owner, Christian, advocate of teen excellence

We can become more than we are. We can create a future “best” beyond our current “best.” Yesterday is never as important as what happens today.