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As an entrepreneur, I know the power of goal-setting and absolute necessity of discipline. I’ve long admired Dr. Richard Redd’s steadfast commitment to personal improvement, and helping others achieve their own dreams.

Dr. William S. Spears
CEO – Founder, Cenergistic

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Richard A. Redd

MD and Author

Rick’s hope is that athletes and others who desire to excel in life will find a process here that they can use effectively, and that by incorporating all realms of this process into their lives, they can be the best they can possibly be at their chosen sport or avocation.

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Dr. Rick Redd shares about his book titled All-In or Nothing. Wanting to win and striving to achieve your personal best with the hope of winning are two completely different desires. This book lays out a step-by-step process for doing the latter. This system is well organized, practical, and a tremendous aid to athletes, students, musicians, artists, engineers, plumbers, housewives, grandparents, or anyone who honestly desires to manifest their God-given destiny.

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On HopeToday…Going “All In” to help you master your destiny! Dr. Richard Redd, – retired Col. U.S. Army, Radiologist, and author of the book “All-in or Nothing” joins the conversation to help us to develop excellence and find our purpose in life.

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