All-In Or Nothing Book and Study Guide Bundle

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Wanting to win and being willing to strive to achieve your personal best with the hope of winning are two completely different desires. This book lays out a step-by-step process for doing the latter. This approach can be used effectively in sports, relationships, hobbies, career or however you want to creatively apply it. Excellence and character are goals worth pursuing. You can change your behavior to make your improvement desires become reality.

Rick uses Col John Boyd’s OODA loop design for his basic decision-making structure.  He then compartmentalizes each of us into four realms: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual, and describes twenty-one specially-selected habits which fit into these realms. He describes 34 different ways to implement these habits, some of which are quite novel and innovative.  With these habits in play, you can measure your progress, and generate differential advantages in sport and business. This macro-process applies to everyone in the same way running or walking enhances aerobic fitness. Rick outlines the architecture for a micro-process, specific to each position, sport, event or job. This personalizes the system for the reader.

The author strongly accentuates our Spiritual aspect and shows why it is so important to our growth and development as athletes, students and human beings.  He explains how we short-circuit our ability to achieve duty, honor, discovery, character, maturity and, ultimately, our potential, when we fail to develop our Spiritual side.

This system is very-well organized, practical, and a tremendous aid to athletes, students, musicians, artists, engineers, plumbers, housewives, grandparents or anyone who honestly desires to manifest their God-given destiny.