I have been thinking for some time about spirit. It is one of those things which I am interested in knowing more about, and it is also something which influences the way I live my life each day.  It qualifies as “important” to know about, but not something that is particularly urgent, and therein lies the “rub”. Because it is not urgent, we place it on the back burner of our lives and deal with more immediate things first. 

Our Distractions in Life

Let’s be honest. Incoming email and a ringing phone interrupt the flow of our lives every day, whether they bear important information or not. This phenomenon has been described as “the tyranny of the urgent.” Don’t get me wrong! Email can be important, such as when important papers need to be initialed or signed, our 14 year old “pup” has to be put down, or friends/relatives become severely and suddenly ill. So many times, though, it’s birthdays, vacations, “friending” someone, or “just checking in.” The urgent has a tendency to distract us from the important things which we need to deal with.

As I began my search, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond the scope of the human spirit. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines spirit as


an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms … a supernatural being or essence.”   


This seems to imply that it is a force or energy which resides both within us and outside of us. It not only gives and sustains life, but is also bigger than life itself. WOW! That’s a mind-bender!

Spirit is more than religion.

Spirit is more than just religion (man’s process or method for understanding God and living according to His precepts). Many religions exist, but only one life force animates all of life. What I was hoping to discovery in this quest was to understand spirit more, but to also strengthen it in my life and to use it effectively (give it voice) every day to make me a better person. More than just “knowing” about spirit, I wanted to be able to weave it into the fabric of my life and to go places where I had not yet been.

The Source of the Spirit

If spirit lives within us, then where is it? We cannot see it, but we can certainly see its effect. It is part of the “mind”, along with emotion and intellect. Spirit impacts every part of our bodies in at least four different ways: through neural connections, pressure waves, hormones, and through an electromagnetic field. That places the origin for spirit directly in our heart. (Childre, Doc and Howard Martin. The Heartmath Solution. New York: Harper Collins, 1999, pages 6-14, 28-35.) If you want to “read more about it”, look into my book All-In Or Nothing, Master Your Destiny, Chapter 11. The book is available from this website or from

Heartmath, the ways in which the heart and the spirit influence us, is the “new” science of the heart. When combined with meditation and repetition (“perfect” practice), heartmath is the gateway to the Zone, that ideal state of performance where all of our systems are functioning at maximum levels. Once you have been in the Zone, you will never want to “play” anywhere else. 

Oh, excuse me, the phone is ringing and I feel compelled to answer!  More about spirit later. I wonder ….. what keeps us from using spirit more than we do? Back soon!

If you have any thoughts on spirit, please let me know in the comments below.

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