Why Spirit?

Let me make this abundantly clear … you are born with Spirit. It is a gift, like life, purpose, temperament, freedom, and the opportunity to prosper. God is a part of that Spirit, that energy; whether you choose to allow Him to influence your life is up to you. You owe it to yourself to at least consider the possibility. He adds so much more to your life, so it puzzles me why so many neglect Him.

I can think of five distinct advantages for choosing to use Spirit in your life:

  1. It makes you a complete person, and more content with life.
  2. It allows you to discover new ideas and ingenious ways of doing things.
  3. It gives you a differential advantage over others with whom you are competing or cooperating.
  4. It allows you to access “the Zone” on demand, and in whatever way you desire.
  5. If you allow God to have access to your life, you have a moral template for living, an infallible Guide for negotiating the obstacles of life, and the promise of everlasting life with Him after your death.

When you synchronize your whole mind-body (mind equals emotions, intellect, and Spirit), you are functioning with all that you have. All of your energy is being vectored in the same direction; you are focused on the same result. Nothing is being held back; you are like a high-performance car which is tuned to run on all eight cylinders. No parts sit dormant; anything is possible. Life is great, and there is meaning to what you are accomplishing.

As creativity expands, you think about new and unique ways of solving problems. You might use successes from other areas of your life to create additional success in the arena in which you are currently.

Most other people with whom you interface are still using only their body and their intellect, because that is all they know. You have a great differential advantage over them, whether competing against them or cooperating with them. Your creativity, discovery, resourcefulness, duty, honor, inspiration, and character will shine forth like a laser, and you will find that it is easier to function at a level far higher than theirs.

“The Zone” is a state in which you are functioning at your highest level; it is effortless perfectionism at its finest. It is not found solely in the body, emotions, or intellect. The Spirit must be present as well. In fact, “the Zone” is found at the nexus of the mind-body. Performers of all types (athletes, musicians, artists, dancers, academicians) strive to be in the Zone every time they “play.” It is the ultimate in performance; once there, you will never want to leave again.

With God, life becomes a series of positive adventures, designed to benefit you and bring glory to Him. There is no fear and no worry. “No accidents” has become a mantra of mine, in that God has planned every event in my life uniquely for me. I can rest in that, and am perfectly content no matter what. You can have this too … just ask Him.

So, now we know what the advantages are for having Spirit. Pretty compelling, eh? How we actually incorporate Spirit into our lives is the subject of our next discussion. If you want to read more about the Zone, pick up a copy of my book, All-In Or Nothing * Master Your Destiny. The Zone is definitely within your reach.

Have you ever been in the “Zone?” Tell me about your experience. I think you will agree that words cannot adequately describe how wonderful it is … and if you have never experienced it, now is the time.

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